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Chase Fraser

Chase Fraser is an experienced entrepreneur, venture capital fund manager, and board member with extensive knowledge of the transportation industry and the technologies shaping its future.

Chase is the founding partner at FM Capital, a sector-focused venture fund with an AUM of over $300M. Chase’s primary responsibilities are investment deal-structure, fundraising, and general fund leadership

and direction. Chase has been involved in over fifty direct investments and has served on more than twenty boards.

Previously, Chase founded MarketQuiz, a technology platform that pioneered multi-channel marketing in the automotive dealership space. During his tenure, Chase drove the rapid growth of the company, working with thousands of automotive dealerships across North America over an eight-year period. The company was acquired by SCI-Marketview in 2009.

Before MarketQuiz, Chase was a principal at Fraser Industries, a family business and the largest wooden pallet manufacturer and recycler in North America at the time. The company went public in 1997, and was then later acquired by IFCO, a global supply-chain and logistics organization. Following a roll-up investment strategy, Chase was involved in the separate acquisitions of over a dozen businesses.

Chase graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, is married with two children, and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.

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